Friday, August 17, 2012

        I would like to share my opinion no how the world was created today. The only interesting thing that might set it apart from the crowd (and it probably won't) is that on the science vs realign argument I chose both. To start off before making our universe God created physics as the basic code of universes or maybe several ones that he uses for making universes. Next to create our universe he took a blank sheet of void installed a set physics and threw in a bunch of elements. Gases compressed and turned in to stars, other elements formed plants, black holes and other things I'm not aware of. When every thing was spinning nice and dandy God focused in on one plant and mucked about with it to make so life can live on it, a little water here, a little atmosphere there, etc, etc that planet is earth. Then he placed a handful of simple single cell creatures in the ocean and let them breed. God pushed evolution in the direction of more advanced organisms by changing the environment, and implementing certain coding into the brains of the organisms to progress evolution. He pushed organisms until he got intelligent life us. from there he didn't interfere with the progress of man but simply observed, except sending messages to prophets and saints and sending Christ to earth. God made us free and a lot more interesting that way, he mainly observes what we do with our freedom. The reason why he let Satan fall is because the system needed a little rot so there was an actual choice involved, for to be true light you need shadows, other wise it's just light. Eden's garden (am I getting the name wrong?) was a choice experiment just on the second smallest scale available. I also believe that Satan isn't much of a big deal all he dues is manage the punishing of the sinners and leave traps around the place to make people sinners, no Heaven vs Hell war going on, Hell is way out matched. I also believe that every time someone goes to Hell God frowns, every time someone goes to Heaven he smiles, it's probably a deep frown.

Note: I've never actually read a Bible so this isn't vary accurate probably.  

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