Monday, November 12, 2012

Powerful runes from which you’d run speedy,
are now hiding behind graffiti.
The boogeyman is being pushed off by Jason and Freddy Krueger,
those bastards are laughing all louder and ruder.
Old dark forces are beginning to die,
let’s push them off the edge and say “goodbye.”
Vampires have to wear lotions to sparkle in the sun,
werewolves turn half way that’s half the fun.
Elf’s are tree huggers, dwarves are drinkers with beards,
when it get’s to meeting one the conversation is weird.
Old dark forces are beginning to die,
let’s push them off the edge and say “goodbye.”
Set & loki never get any rep or rap,
while cthulhu has all the popularity while having a nap.
Ice Giant’s fear global warming, djin battle the electric fan,
is that respectable? I mean really man.
Old dark forces are beginning to die,
let’s push them off the edge and say “goodbye.”
..oh my...
yep that’s slenderman now it’s run or die.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

      I am using me creative skills to write a universe and am not going to write here on a regularly good by imaginary people.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

    7 wind blow at flame,
but it all stays the same.
But it won't be for long,
soon both will be gone.
Cryptic verse on the page,
like gingerbread cage.
What nonsense I speak,
Hopefully no one will seek.

This was written for me to keep up a habit of writing every day,
even thought I have know ideas to write about. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

      I think that in a fantasy world scythes should be used by priests especially ones bent on killing the undead. You might think that necromancers being related to death and all that should use them, but the scythe is a symbol of destruction, of subtracting, of cutting down. While necromancy is exactly the other way around it's bringing life to corpses. Death probably doesn't like necromancers because they get in the way of his job. I know your thinking scythes wouldn't fit with church and priests but if you have a farmer's scythe wielded by a humble monk who worked at a farm it could fit in quite nicely. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

        I would like to share my opinion no how the world was created today. The only interesting thing that might set it apart from the crowd (and it probably won't) is that on the science vs realign argument I chose both. To start off before making our universe God created physics as the basic code of universes or maybe several ones that he uses for making universes. Next to create our universe he took a blank sheet of void installed a set physics and threw in a bunch of elements. Gases compressed and turned in to stars, other elements formed plants, black holes and other things I'm not aware of. When every thing was spinning nice and dandy God focused in on one plant and mucked about with it to make so life can live on it, a little water here, a little atmosphere there, etc, etc that planet is earth. Then he placed a handful of simple single cell creatures in the ocean and let them breed. God pushed evolution in the direction of more advanced organisms by changing the environment, and implementing certain coding into the brains of the organisms to progress evolution. He pushed organisms until he got intelligent life us. from there he didn't interfere with the progress of man but simply observed, except sending messages to prophets and saints and sending Christ to earth. God made us free and a lot more interesting that way, he mainly observes what we do with our freedom. The reason why he let Satan fall is because the system needed a little rot so there was an actual choice involved, for to be true light you need shadows, other wise it's just light. Eden's garden (am I getting the name wrong?) was a choice experiment just on the second smallest scale available. I also believe that Satan isn't much of a big deal all he dues is manage the punishing of the sinners and leave traps around the place to make people sinners, no Heaven vs Hell war going on, Hell is way out matched. I also believe that every time someone goes to Hell God frowns, every time someone goes to Heaven he smiles, it's probably a deep frown.

Note: I've never actually read a Bible so this isn't vary accurate probably.  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

          Everyone is a one-of-a-kind snowflake, in a blizzard of other one-of-a-kind snowflakes. I mean being special is quite common. From now on I'm going to post random posts on my opinion on different topics like usually bloggers do. With the current status of this blog I'm pretty much talking to my self, but hey I'm getting my thoughts out there and if it is ground breaking (probably won't even scratch the dirt) then things would get interesting. Practice makes perfect, sense I'm a poet, poets should be literate in prose as well as in poem, so I'm going to post once a day if possible. Cheers!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The white nights,
are not very white.
You’d be surprised to,
they’re actually more blue.
Weave threads of full moon light,
to a basket and fill with starless white night.
Ster with Neva waves in 7 different ways,
Let northern winds coat it with silver days.
Bring it together with sphinx’s stony claws,
store in cupped rainbow paws.
What doe
s it do? No clue,
It’s all up to you.

Inspired on my trip to Russia.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Storms are brewing as they come near,
*tan,nam,num,ta na num*
with dagger-axes that are more like spear.
*tan,nam,num,ta na num*
they reap your kingdom with weapons like teeth,
*tan,nam,num,ta na num*
statue of men and eyes of writh.
*tan,nam,num,ta na num*
cloaks of shadow, and hands of death,
*tan,nam,num,ta na num*
they grow stronger with every last breath.
My armies come,[thunder strike]
*tan,nam,num,ta na num*
bum, bum, bum,bum,bum,bum.[thunderstrike]
*tan,nam,num,ta na num*
they come, they come, [thunder strike]
*tan,nam,num,ta na num*
they come for you.
fear them as the lion’s roar,
(the army)
fear us as the ravens  sour! [thunder strike]
*tan,nam,num,ta na num*
They’re swarm your walls like tidal waves,
the ruble will be your crumbled graves.
*tan,nam,num,ta na num*
(the army)
we’re the figures in the misst,
you’ve been marked on the execution list.
My armies come,[thunder strike]
*tan,nam,num,ta na num*
bum, bum, bum,bum,bum,bum.[thunderstrike]
*tan,nam,num,ta na num*
they come, they come, [thunder strike]
*tan,nam,num,ta na num*
they come for you.
your friends are hanging from a tree,
your wife and daughters are reserved for me,
your granddad’s coffin is now a cooler for rum and wine,
your house is burned, your cattle mine!
I fly to to you on pitch black wings,
on the ground my army sings!
*tan,nam,num,ta na num*
My armies come!
(the army)
bum, bum, bum,bum, bum, bum, [thunder strike]
we come, we come, [thunder strike]
we come for you we come for you!
*tan,nam,num,ta na num*
[evil laughter]

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Blood to blood, lord to lord,
steal to steal, sword to sword.
Two grim men stand in a field,
mighty swords today they wield.
In old ruins with scattered trash,
sparks go flying as metals clash.
One slashes at the ribs going in for the attack,
the other blocks the strikes trying to get him back.
Blade, in a arch, at the head, full swing,
side step, in the branches, placing their bets, the vultures sing.
Aiming at the heart, dodge to the right,
a deadly dagger comes into sight.
Vultures screech as they hear the sound,
with all his dreams crumbled he falls to the ground.
Spillane blood, fallen lord,
cursed steal, forgotten sword.
one man walks from a field,
bloody sword next day he’ll wield.


All: Silver, beer, beard, and gold,
we are dwarfs and we are bold!
Solo: Brothers raise your hammers to the sky,
we bring victory or die!
All: Down below in deep deep cave,
lies our chief in crystal grave.
We fight for the one in obsidian helm,
who’s silver-white beard bears can over welm.
Solo: Slam your hammers to the floor!
We’ll fight great battles of ancient lore!
All:May our beards be thick and our axes sharp,
the elves can have there little harps.
Respect the forge of marble holm!
Solo: Fill your musettes with gun powder,
lock-n’-load sing brothers! Louder!
All: Silver, beer, beard, and gold,
we are dwarfs and we are bold!
Your flesh will be purged with bullet holes!
Solo: Let the Chief guard our souls!

Dear, fleas, flys,and other insects,

You bloody flee, you cursed fly!
I want you to die!
Your presence drives me insane,
just go and drown down in the sewage drain.
Why can’t you just die!
You cursed flea, You bloody fly!
In to a squashed little bug you I love to make,
because you fill me with hate.
I take a rolled up newspaper and smack you down!
Until you don’t move around.
And after your dead I say “yes.”
Then clean up the little mesh.
Your presence coses me lots of stress,
ticks, mustcedos, and all the rest!
Go back to the pit from which you came,
and don’t come out again.
Sorry for the rough words, but this is how I would like it to work.
I will not kill you, if you stay out of my way.
When I ask you politely, go away!
Now excuse my anger...
You f***ing flea, you stinking fly!!
Just can you die!!?!
Stay away and you’ll survive,
go back to your hive.
Do we have a agreement.
From, Angry Man.

Sorry if I offended anyone.

The plan

It’s all part of the plan,
can’t escape it if your beast or man,
it’s all part of the plan.
There’s no robots in my attic,
no laser turrets on my root.
There’s no portals in my closet,
like I said, You have no proff.
It’s all part of the plan,
can’t escape it if your beast or man,
it’s all part of the plan.
I’m one step a head of you,
actually more like a 110.
No doomsday devises,
designed to kill off all men!
It’s all part of the plan,
can’t escape it if your beast or man,
it’s all part of the plan.
I don’t have mutant monsters for sword and shield,
don’t have little critters for ears and eyes.
Didn’t make little truths and begins,
don’t have most powerful allies.
It’s all part of the plan,
can’t escape it if your beast or man,
it’s all part of the plan.
It’s All Part oF THE PLAN!
(evil laughter and then instruments with no singing for a while)
There’s no gremlins in my fridge,
no goblins hiding under my roof.
There’s no demons,ghosts,vampires or dragons,
like I said you have no Prof.

I pretend to be a evil genius for the fun of it.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A werewolf’s sadness

(slow and sad)
They snipped my claws,
They bound my jaws,
And what for
I don’t know.
(fast and lively)
I ate half the cattle, set a cottage to flame,
And who else could they blame.
The vampire is ashes, the dragon is dead,
The trolls a statue, and the warlock lost his head.
(slow and sad)
And now I have no friends with who to drink,
They vanished almost like in a blink.
And when I ask for a sip of beer,
The guards don’t even come near.
(not so tragic)
The guards right now are really dumb,
For they are drunk on whisky and rum,
And one offered me a sip,
And the chains lost there grip,
(fast and lively)
I ate the other half of the cattle,
Liked the liquor clean,
Ate a pretty girl wearing green.
(Slow and sad)
And now I am again in this cage,
And at the peak of my rage.
I broke out and ran in to the woods,
Good bye forever alcoholic goods.