Sunday, November 17, 2013


Spear me! Skewer me!
Bleed me dry.

Whip me! Cut me!
pock my eye.

Scar me! Char me!
oh gee, oh my,

describe to me how I will die.

Dunk my head in water & my feet in coals.

Tie me up for months in cramped holes.

Grind me! Skin me!

And describe to me how I will die.

Come on! Come on!
Do your worse,

it's not like it was my curse.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Sad Tail

For no rhyme or reason,
convicted of treason,
in the grandiose time of war!

He kicked and he shouted,
his angers spouted,
for he hadn't done nothing before.

His Mom's eyes full of tears,
and with sneers from his peers,
he was sent to a cell.

He spent all his time,
looking for an exit to climb,
and broke his neck as he fell.

This is actually for a short story I'm currently writing. If currently means the time I write this post.

Due Dates

Hour glasses stand at my shoulders,
weighting down at my heart.

Heavy as boulders,
yet as light as a dart.

Coming with the the parting of mist,

and the reading of the to-do list,

they tear the cover away showing the world is scary and raw.

With may be just, but defiantly cruel law.

With vulture claws and rat like limbs they sit,

making you think they crawled out of a pit,

but not diabolic is their start.

They sit on many shoulders, weighting down at the heart.

I don't think this poem turned out good.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Some Arrow Shaped Verse.

Ride, ride, ride,
with the
tide, tide, tide.
Searching for what is inside.
No place to go, and no other place to hide.

Sing! Sing! Sing!
Let it
Ring! Ring! Ring!
Looking ever for my thing.
Nothing's going to chain my wing.

Sour, sour, sour,
let it
Roar! Roar! Roar!
Our dreams scattered on the floor.
Maybe not growing anymore.

hope can't,
die! die! die!
The words echo at my,
futile little human cry.

dance, dance,dance!
make a
Stance, stance,stance!
Here are my shield and lance.
Tho one could swipe them away at a glance.

But I'll
day or,
night, night, night.
Even when held up to a light,
there's nowhere to go, the end's never in sight.

Go, go,go,
as flys the
crow, crow, crow.
Fine I'll rest from taking a blow,
but not the same kind in a row.

like a
Tide! Tide! Tide!
and a thousand wings multiplied!
To find whatever lies on inside.

Self Motivational Poem

Every beat will be beaten stronger,
Every step will be stepped longer.
It's sink of swim but I think I'll fly.
You don't dare die on me I!
Every breath will be breathed in deeper.
As the road get's steeper, steeper.
New challenges around every bend.
I'll be a wizard when I reach the end!

Note:this poem was not written for anyone other then the writer.

A Half-Assed Observation

Government of fools,
Population of clowns.
It's surprising how often stupidity rules.
Government of clowns,
Population of fools.
That doesn't change mush from rags up to gowns.

I'm not better or know who's the best.
I'm just a fellow jest.
In the stage act of this race,
like everyone else trying to keep with the pace.

Dogs of the Government

We will come for 
By Sun, By Moon,
we will find you 
We'll catch, your sent,
and on your hide we will be
At count, of 3,
all your tricks we'll 
We will come for 
By Sun, By Moon,
we will find you 

The shrinking text is implying the the person seeing is moving away. This poem/song is supposed to be barked out and howled in places, sense your not hearing it, you have to be told, you know...