Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dear, fleas, flys,and other insects,

You bloody flee, you cursed fly!
I want you to die!
Your presence drives me insane,
just go and drown down in the sewage drain.
Why can’t you just die!
You cursed flea, You bloody fly!
In to a squashed little bug you I love to make,
because you fill me with hate.
I take a rolled up newspaper and smack you down!
Until you don’t move around.
And after your dead I say “yes.”
Then clean up the little mesh.
Your presence coses me lots of stress,
ticks, mustcedos, and all the rest!
Go back to the pit from which you came,
and don’t come out again.
Sorry for the rough words, but this is how I would like it to work.
I will not kill you, if you stay out of my way.
When I ask you politely, go away!
Now excuse my anger...
You f***ing flea, you stinking fly!!
Just can you die!!?!
Stay away and you’ll survive,
go back to your hive.
Do we have a agreement.
From, Angry Man.

Sorry if I offended anyone.

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