Saturday, March 3, 2012

A werewolf’s sadness

(slow and sad)
They snipped my claws,
They bound my jaws,
And what for
I don’t know.
(fast and lively)
I ate half the cattle, set a cottage to flame,
And who else could they blame.
The vampire is ashes, the dragon is dead,
The trolls a statue, and the warlock lost his head.
(slow and sad)
And now I have no friends with who to drink,
They vanished almost like in a blink.
And when I ask for a sip of beer,
The guards don’t even come near.
(not so tragic)
The guards right now are really dumb,
For they are drunk on whisky and rum,
And one offered me a sip,
And the chains lost there grip,
(fast and lively)
I ate the other half of the cattle,
Liked the liquor clean,
Ate a pretty girl wearing green.
(Slow and sad)
And now I am again in this cage,
And at the peak of my rage.
I broke out and ran in to the woods,
Good bye forever alcoholic goods.

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