Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kite, kite,
Tra, da, daa,
Kite, kite,
La, la, laa,
With out soul, engine, or wing,
From the ground you do spring,
Kite, kite,
Serpent of sky,
Kite, kite,
Do not lie,
Kite, kite,
Where will you go?
Without strings hold, ho,
Will you rest in a tree?
For everyone to see,
Wind, wind,
Kite, kite,
You two are alike,
Both free as eagle,
And wild as snake,
A pretty fine couple you two make,
Like bread and butter,
Like knife and fork,
You two must be together to work,
La, la, l-la, laa,
La, l-la, la, la, la, la, Laa,

Inspired by a windy day and flying a kite, shocking isn't it.

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