Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So you want to make a potion of evil rage,
That can make blind kittens break out of a mithril cage,
Get a caldron black and cold,
Throw in 2 tea spoons of mold,
Put the caldron over flame,
Add 10 cups of acid rain,
Crush boar tusk and wear wolf claw,
With a tooth from a sea serpent’s jaw,
Mix it up and throw it in,
Get a mixing stick out of a bin,
Strew it, strew it, hey ha ho,
Strew it, strew it, until I say so,
Get a minion to add sulfur, dragon poo, with a tint of salt,
If it blows it’s entirely his fault,
Get 2 pickled salamanders,
From red witch venders,
Or buy it for 30 gold on e-bay,
There is a sale every Thursday,
Throw the salamanders in with the jar,
Add liquor from an orc bar,
Mix troll skin with crushed turtle spine,
And chimera horn with a melon rind,
Put in the stomach acid of a purple poca-doted Mongolian death worm,
If don’t want to trap 1 go the city and find an half-orc named borm,
He can lead to a worm corps for a cookie or a few coppers,
Add in new born fresh forest gnoppers,
Mix manticore stinger a raging deathocornes eye,
And green goblin giblets, with a wing of a hell fly,
Take your mixing stick and strew, and strew,
Until the ingredients are in a blur,
Then shout the spell from page 64,
From the spell book “the sorcery door”,
Scope some in to a vessel and hold it steady,
And now your potion is almost ready,
But test it no bigger then a mouse or rat,
It can leave a bad stain on your cloak or hat,
It makes both man and beast insane,
Covering them in rage and pain,
Be carful

    This was my second  poem mostly a joke as you can tell.

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